Why Chonky Chkns?
With so many NFTs out there these days, it's really hard to stand out from the crowd. We believe we have a few differentiating factors that will hopefully convince you to be a part of our community.

Immediate Utility with $FEED Token

Many NFTs implement a utility token after their initial mint, and some don't even complete that part of their roadmap if the project doesn't mint out. Chonky Chkns is special in that holders will start earning $FEED (our official utility token, see $FEED Utility Token) right after they mint their Chonky Chkn.
We modelled this system after CyberKongz, but we believe our tokenomics structure is superior. This is because unlike CyberKongz in which only the Genesis Kongz (1000 total) can produce $BANANA, all Chonky Chkns will produce $FEED. However, to reward early supporters/engaging community members and to bring another differentiation of value to Chonky Chkns, there will be Genesis Chkns that produce 5 $FEED a day, eligible to be minted by OGs. All other Chkns produce 1 $FEED a day. $FEED production ends in 5 years.
Users also don't need to put their Chkns in a staking pool to earn $FEED!
This also serves to reward those who mint early, as they would have accumulated more $FEED than those who mint later in time.

Dynamically Updatable NFTs

One of the first things you can do with $FEED is increase your Chkn's Chonkiness score. Once your Chkn has hit certain thresholds of Chonkiness, you'll be able to unlock a fatter Chkn to use as your NFT which will show up on OpenSea. You'll be able to freely switch between the Chkns you've unlocked by paying a bit of gas.

Set your own destiny

With most NFTs, the relative value of your token is set in stone at mint time through its rarity score, which is determined by its traits. With Chonky Chkns, besides the rarity of its traits, there exist several other “dimensions” of value, some of which can be directly influenced by the NFT holder. Think of this as investing in your NFT by participating and engaging in future phases.
  • Squads: Each Chonky Chkn will be assigned to one of 13 different subgroups, called Squads. This creates sub-communities among our NFT holders to allow for closer bonding. Squads will at times compete and at other times collaborate with each other for various planned events, with winning Squads being rewarded. This will indirectly influence the value of Chonky Chkns belonging to certain squads. This way, our community literally drives our value.
  • “Chonkiness” Score: Higher Chonkiness score will directly allow you to unlock "fatter" Chkns to display on OpenSea (as explained above), translate to rarer traits in your Phase 3 Evolved Chkn, and provide benefits in our future mobile game – all helping to boost the current value of your NFT.
  • Generic ability to add traits/items to spend FEED on: We are not hard coding anything to do with Chonkiness score in the smart contract. Instead, we are making the smart contract super generic and allow for more items to be added to the "store" which will be purchasable with $FEED. We can decide as a community what items/traits/features to add and what the per unit price (in FEED) these will be. We're trying to push as much utility as possible into the initial smart contract!

Tightly integrated phases

Everything we are presenting to the community as part of Phase 1 has been planned out for a smooth transition to future phases. The traits and squads of each Chonky Chkn tie closely with the Lore that is gradually being revealed. The Lore will be a central theme that reappears in future Phases. The $FEED utility token which Chkns will earn right after mint also helps motivate the Chonky Chkn Evolution Program (Phase 3), and will influence the development of the mobile game in Phase 4.

Cute, attractive, non-derivative art

Aesthetics is one of the top priorities when creating this NFT. Although most collections use a program to automatically assemble combinations of smaller sets of traits together, we manually review each of the images and swap out any that aren’t up to standard. Although Chonky Chkns will have varying levels of rarity (naturally), we can guarantee that 100% of them look good and would make for a sick PFP.
Here is a deeper breakdown of how we generate and finalize on the 10k images:
  1. 1.
    With all the traits we have, there are 300,000,000+ total combinations of every trait type.
  2. 2.
    We manually reviewed which traits work well together and which don't, creating a set of rules that helped to programatically reduce the number of combinations to 20,000.
  3. 3.
    We decided on a range of rarities for all traits within their trait group, assigning each trait a rarity weight. We then used these weights to programatically pick 4994 Chonky Chkns out of the 20,000.
  4. 4.
    We manually review all 4994 Chonky Chkns, swapping out ones that don't look as good with ones that do in the larger 20,000 set.
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Immediate Utility with $FEED Token
Dynamically Updatable NFTs
Set your own destiny
Tightly integrated phases
Cute, attractive, non-derivative art