Phase 3: Evolution!

Chonky Chkn Evolution Program

The Chonky Chkn Evolution Program is similar to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club.
Each Chonky Chkn can be used to create a unique Evolved Chonky Chkn. The traits of the Evolved Chkn depend on what traits the original Chkn had, the Chonkiness score of the original Chkn, as well as how much $FEED is used in the evolution. The more $FEED, the rarer the traits of the Evolved Chkn!
An Evolved Chonky Chkn will be reserved for minting by each of our 1st generation Chonky Chkn holders. The rest of the Evolved Chonky Chkns will be available for the general public to mint. We will continue to grow our community, prepping the way for our mobile game (more users = better experience)!
More details to come!
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