Phase 1: Beginnings
Phase 1 will be focused on growing a strong and organic community and launching the Chonky Chkn NFTs.

To keep our community organic, most of our early stage member growth comes from word-of-mouth and personal invites. We have a very lax and easy chonklist (WL) policy, and especially during the early stages of our growth, we'll give out chonklist roles to pretty much anyone who shows a bit of engagement in the server. We'll also give chonklist roles to people who are part of certain communities that we believe to have awesome members. We are a strict no grinding community. The current WL meta has gone too far. It's up to us as a team to convince our community to believe in our vision - we're already so thankful for those who simply join us.
Therefore, we don't need our chat to be always popping off. We understand that people have lives outside of NFTs; some people have kids, jobs, and other responsibilities. Just popping in every now and then to say hi and checking announcements is more than enough to show your support. We believe that through the art/content we create, next steps we have planned, and social bonding that naturally occurs between members, Chkns will proactively bring energy to the community themselves.

Early supporters and people who are really engaged in our community will get an OG Chkn role which will allow them to mint 1 Genesis Chkn. Each Genesis Chkn produces more $FEED per day than other Chkns (check $FEED Utility Token for more details).

The number of Chonklist spots and the NFTs allowed per Chonklist wallet will be determined by how large the community grows. The more members in the Chonklist, the less each will be able to mint etc.

Giveaways will include Chonky Chkn NFTs and OG roles as well as other goodies (e.g. Chonky Chkn playing cards for winners of poker tournament).

  • People who reach a certain Discord level or certain number of invites
  • People who are active with Chonky Chkns on Twitter (follow us on Twitter, retweet our tweets, etc.)
  • Top writers in our story contest - members will be able to write backstories for sneak-peeked Chkns and contribute to future arcs in our Lore
  • Top artists in our art contest

We will also have occasional spontaneous giveaways to reward those who are continuously involved in our community and closely watching our updates. We'll have fun with these events -- some possible ideas are:
  • Random pun contest
  • Random quiz
  • Random first person to post an egg wins ;)

We are using ERC721A to reduce gas costs during mint. The mint will consist of two phases:
  1. 1.
    WL Mint: People on the WL (including OGs) will be able to mint. The first mint for OGs will be a genesis Chkn.
  2. 2.
    Public Mint: Rest of the Chonky Chkns will be available for the public.
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